Exciting Changes Ahead

Hope that everyone had a wonderful week! Highlights for me included a benefit for St. Jude, that I had been helping to plan for the last six months. It was a huge success and raised more than $100,000! I’m excited to help out with more of their fundraising events in the future. After a late night, I hopped an early morning flight to Palo Alto, where I watched the Stanford Cardinal (and their band), absolutely trounce my Oregon Ducks. Silver lining- truly excellent people watching.

Kicking off this week with a bubbles+sprinkles announcement! It’s time to switch up the model of this site a little bit. I’m happy to say that family and friends have very kindly shared the premise around enough to the point where this can be a full fledged business. Through end of year, there will be minimal posts shared here (although look out for recaps of future Afternoon Live episodes). Starting January 1, I’m going to relaunch the site with more of an online store focus. Spread the word! I’ll be offering staples and seasonal flavor options, as well as curated gift boxes, for all of your loved ones.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for helping bring this sweet little vision of mine to life! Hope that everyone has a wonderful week.



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