Hi! I’m Jenna

Well, hello! My name is Jenna and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by bubbles + sprinkles. My ultimate goal when I retire, is to open a cupcake and Champagne bar in the Northwest, specifically my great love– Portland, Oregon. This blog serves as the ultimate market research experiment– trying and testing two of my favorite things, weekly. Rough life 🙂

By day, I work in communications for a sporting goods company. My background is in retail marketing and living in rainy locations- Chicago, New York, London and Portland. They all hold a very special place in my heart. I will always call the Northwest home, but I like to exercise my travel bug as frequently as I can. Other hobbies include dancing, skiing, running, and… eating. Go figure.



3 thoughts on “Hi! I’m Jenna

  1. Hello Jenna! I see you host Cupcake classes with bubbles. Would love to know more, like do you come to us for class, do we pick what kind of bubbly cupcake we would like to make?

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