A Gift From Savoie + Slight Sacrilege

Scandalous post title, right? To temper expectations, I’m not talking about anything too crazy. Simply, a dessert besides cupcakes appears in the pics below. By way of reason, they were a gift, they were pretty, and I’ve never said no to anything with sugar in it.

They were a gift for a week of celebrations! New team at work and lots of work ahead that I’m excited about. They were also an incentive to train harder for the upcoming Portland Marathon…and totally worked… (Hey, I put it in writing on here- now I have to do it).

There have also been an abundance of really upsetting natural disasters this week, around the country and close to home. My heart goes out to everyone impacted by the hurricanes, and the fire in the Columbia Gorge. Place any order placed over the next 30 days, and 100% will be donated to organizations helping those in need get back on their feet.


But the real star of the show is Jean Vullien, a perfect sparkler for just about anything. She, too, was a gift and a beaut at that. I’d never seen her before at my regular bubbles haunts, but research showed that she’s available at Elephant’s Deli, a Portland favorite of mine.


She’s a girly girl. She’s full of tiny pink bubbles: 50% Chardonnay grapes, 30% Jacquere, and 20% Altesse. All are from France, specifically the region of Savoie. Notice how her region of origin is just as large as her name on the label? Savoie is no Champagne, but it’s close enough to be home to many delicious sparkling wines.

This beauty has floral and citrus notes, with a touch of something nutty- almond or hazelnut. Upon first sip, second sip, first glass, second glass, I noticed a creaminess and interestingly enough, a little bit of mint. The mint made it a bit of a palate cleanser- perfect for the different types of macarons. One fun fact that intrigued me was that 10,000 bottles were produced. Honestly, I was unsure whether that was something to write home about or not. I did some research and found this article to be helpful.

For less than $20, highly recommend… If you can find her…

Hope everyone has a wonderful and SAFE week.